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What people say about Jason!

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Hey Jason! Just want to send you a message to let you know how grateful I am for the assistance and knowledge you have generously shared with me on getting started with the crypto market. The advice you have given me has always been so simple, clear and straight forward and I really appreciate it. Has helped me a lot get started from the very bottom... 

Always grateful!

Jenika S.

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I did a consultation with Jason to optimize my finances and money management plan. Jason showed me a simple, easy to follow way at managing my money, something I’ve been looking to do for a long time. Jason made it so easy to understand and expressed his knowledge in a simplistic easy to comprehend way. Jase is a bloody rad dude and is genuinely passion(ate) and keen to help his fellow humans. Love ya bro, thank you so much.

Jack Brazier

Thanks to Jason I've gained a lot more confidence in my investment skills. He's helped me implement a number of techniques to ensure my losses are minimal if the market moves in an unpredictable way. His help has also allowed me to be less paranoid during times of extreme volatility in the market. 

I thoroughly recommend putting your faith in Jason, he's been a great teacher and thanks to him I've made some great profits over the years!

Phil Moore

I found cryptocurrency in 2017 and jumped in as things started to heat up. I met Jason in December 2018 and he spoke of cryptocurrency a lot!

He guided me and gave me some great suggestions. It spurred me back into research. With his experience and knowledge, my coins purchased did better. 
The important thing was I was learning again and learning quickly from my mistakes.

His information has always been concise, has the reasons behind his suggestions, is easy to follow, and you wouldn't need much knowledge to follow it.

Thanks, Jason. Thank you for helping me get back in and start learning properly to become a confident investor.


Sebastian M

I took Jason’s 3-month program in which I learn to manage my finances, got more confident with budgeting and planning for my future expenses. I used to be scared about financial stuff but Jason helped me overcome my fears, assisted me in my business strategies, and also taught me about investment. He is very good at motivating people and giving personal advice to help you get comfortable and on track with your money management, I highly recommend his services.


Sending best wishes,






Hi, I’m Jason Pizzino, founder of the Investing and Personal Finance YouTube channel “Jason Pizzino” with over 30,000 subscribers. I help exceptional people, like you, grow their financial knowledge to become successful, independent investors, and regain their time back from the grind.

I began immersing myself in the investment world when I was 19 back in 2005 through the property market, as a landlord, renovator, and ultimately a developer.

In 2010, I learned how to trade commodities and stocks using technical analysis and later added fundamental analysis to my repertoire during the wild Cryptocurrency Bull Market of 2017.

My investing journey has been filled with testing many investment products and services with many failures and success to speak of, such as mezzanine finance, metro, and regional property investing, and cryptocurrency trader. 

All have given me the knowledge and confidence to share what I have learned through my educational YouTube channel and Wealth Creation Community of keen investors just like you.


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